System of deep meditation, autosuggestion, breath and internal energy work


... is a modern system of meditation for men and women of all ages. Although the roots of the system go back thousands of years, the pedagogy and the structure of the courses are adapted to our time.

Mind Coaching offers ...

a pragmatic synthesis of the most effective methods:

Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist schools of meditation
breathing schools (Buteyko, pranayama, ...)
bioenergetic work (magnetism)
auto-hypnosis and auto-suggestion
NLP (neurolinguistic programming)

Mind Coaching takes into account the most recent scientific research concerning altered states of consciousness and neuroscience and integrates them into its curriculum


Founder of Mind Coaching

Practitioner of various schools of Qi Gong and shamanism

Master Practitioner NLP

Master practitioner Prana Healing

Certified Hypnotist (Elman School)

Awakened Mind Coach

Schmit Jean


Note : Understanding the Luxembourgish language is essential for participation in the MIND COACHING course. For practical reasons, no translation is possible during the meditations.